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79 Ferrybridge Road
West Yorkshire
WF10 4JP
Telephone: 07811 567 426
Indian Head Massage                               40 mins                                   £20
Indian Head Massage is a truly holistic therapy that aims to balance the mind, body and spirit, renowned for relieving aches, pains, symptoms of stress, it can help with the following:
Improve circulation
Stimulate the lymphatic system
Relief from tension headaches and eye strain
Promotes hair growth
Healthier looking skin
Relief from stress and tension
Relaxation and raised energy levels
Improved concentration
Lifting of depression and raised self-esteem
(includes back, shoulders, tops of arms, neck, head and facial massage)
Please note that if you suffer with any of the below then they may restrict the treatment, the treatment is not suitable for you or a GP referal may be necessary before the treatment can commence:
Blood Pressure (high or low) - GP Referal
Epilepsy - would not be able to preform an Indian Head Massage
Thromobis or history of haemorrhage - would not be able to preform an Indian Head Massage
Scalp infections -this could irriate your condition so would not be able to perform an Indian Head Massage
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