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Fake Bake Spray Tan                                                       
Heaven Sent uses one of the UK'S leading salon professional spray tan brands, Fake Bake. Fake Bake's tanning system is the healthy way to look bronzed and sun kissed for the summer months, a special occasion or to brighten those winter blues. 
Full body                                                                   1st application         £15
Full body                                                                    2nd application         £7
Legs or upper body                                              1st application            £9
Legs or upper body                                               2nd application          £4
(2nd application must be taken at the same visit as the 1st application and performed on the same person)
Exfoliate the day before the day of tanning
On the day of your tanning treatment do not wear deodorants, perfumes and make-up as they can react with the lotion and turn greenish
Shaving and bikini lines must be done 48 hours before tanning
Do not use any other tanning products 1 week before treatment
Moisturise your entire body leading up to the tanning treatment as much as you can, but not on the day of the tanning
The tanning product may stain clothing
Wear dark loose fitting clothing
Wear flip flops
Avoid wearing a bra or tight fitting underwear
After care
Avoid vigorous exercise
Keep all areas of the skin dry, avoid water contact
Do not use any product over the tanning product
Allow the tanning product to develop for 6/8 hours before washing it off, some product will wash off the skin, this is normal. Once the water runs clear then gently wash yourself with a very mild soap
Avoid swimming pools as this may prematurely fade your tan
Moisturise your body daily to prolong the life of your tan and to keep your skin from drying out
(Second application must be taken at the same visit as the first application and performed on the same person as the first application)
Any individual treatment costing £15 or above, pay in full for 5 of the same treatment and receive the 6th treatment free
(please note that you cannot earn or redeem customer loyalty points on this offer)
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